Sino-Viking (Group) Co., Ltd. 

Sino Viking (Group) was founded in 2013,the group includes:

Nantong Sino-Viking Marine Engineering Co.,LTD .

Nantong Sino-Viking Marine Technology Co., LTD.

Nantong Chengtong Mechanical&Electrical Technology Co., LTD.


Sino-Viking committed to provide customers with professional and efficient technical services and high-quality products, and provide customers with overall solutions for ship energy saving, environmental protection and technical transformation. At present, the company's core business includes the below:

- design of ships
- marine engineering and technical consultation
- supervision of vessel construction and underwater works.


The products include automatic backwash filters for ballast water treatment systems, dredging equipment, LNG gas supply systems and ship energy-saving devices.


Sino Viking is focusing on the long-term needs of customers. we have carried out technical research in the areas including hydrogen energy, battery power, and sail energy saving which have successfully cooperated with related companies to obtain industry-recognized performance.


Ship and Offshore Technical Services

SINO VIKING is the first in the industry to design ship and marine engineering drawings for new ships, refitted ships, offshore modules, etc., and has professional research on ballast water treatment systems and exhaust gas desulfurization cleaning systems; and Hanwei Marine is a Finnish company. The first Chinese company to cooperate in the sailing project of the company NORSEPOWER.


Ship and Offshore Equipment Manufacturing

SINO VIKING is one of the earliest companies in the industry to manufacture marine equipment. Together with our partner COSCO Weihai Shipbuilding Technology Co., Ltd., we have successfully developed a high-precision negative pressure automatic cleaning seawater filter device, which has been successfully put into mass production. The on-board self-unloading...


Engineering construction

SINO VIKING has rich experience in engineering construction in the entire industry, and has participated in construction such as: "Zhenhai No. 1", "Zhenhai No. 2", "Zhenhai No. 3", "Zhenhai No. 5", Large-scale projects such as the "Zhenhai No. 6" drilling platform, the jack-up gravel laying and leveling vessel "Yihang Jinping 2", and the "Three Gorges Rudong Offshore Wind Power Flexible HVDC Transmission Project Offshore Converter Station" have been well received by the industry. .


Business trade

SINO VIKING is also more comprehensive and professional in the industry in some commercial trades such as ship material supply, ship and marine engineering equipment supply and import and export business, ship and marine engineering agency business and underwater engineering construction. Hanwei Marine adheres to the tenet of attentive service and is committed to the all-round development of ship services. Based on the ship supply as the core...


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Company News

Our company always insists on seeking development by quality

06 . 08
Industry News
Hanjin Shipping reorganization does not expect to escape bankruptcy liquidation
The experts of the audit team fully affirmed the promotion of the quality management system and environmental system of the Thai company after document review and on-site review.
06 . 08
Industry News
[Shipbuilding] Kawasaki Heavy Industries considers exiting shipbuilding business
Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. announced on the 30th that it has lowered its performance expectations, and said that due to the significant deterioration in the performance of the ship’s marine business, it "will consider future policies including whether the business can continue."
06 . 30
Industry News
Delivery of AVIC394 Ship from AVIC Weihai Shipyard
On May 31, Zhenjiang City Offshore and Shipbuilding Industry Investment Promotion Conference and 2019 Offshore Engineering and Shipbuilding Industry Development Report were held in Zhenjiang City.



After unremitting efforts in recent years, Hanwei Company has established a good partnership with major offshore engineering companies at home and abroad, and has long been a company for COSCO Group, CSSC Group, Huaneng Group, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Group, South Korea Samsung Group and other companies. Provide high-quality and efficient technical services.

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Main business items: design of ships and marine engineering, technical consultation of ships and marine engineering, general contracting of construction of ships and marine engineering; construction and supervision of water and underwater projects. The products provided include ballast water backwash filters, ship dredging equipment manufacturing, LNG gas supply systems and ship energy-saving devices.

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